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This plant is dedicated to those who want high yields in a short time, without losing the quality of the final product.


Created by 'crossing a classic white genetic ,(noted for abundant production of resin), with a selected Critical cross to provide large yields and a fast flowering time.

Robust and vigorous, Big White is suitable for all growing systems, allowing even novice users to have easy access to great results.

Her classic structure shows with a Big Top Flower featuring an aroma and flavors ranging from classic white musk to 'citrus.

Due to its Sticky and Large Cola's this selected phenotype was chosen for our feminized version. These seeds will produce even and consistent results accross across your selection allowing you to Fill your Jar/s with the same lovely smelling and tasting flowers for curing.

Becoming quite popular with many coming back for this strain after receiving it for free in our early promotions. This strain Has vigorous growth and produces large and dense buds with Great Jar Appeal. The Fruity aromas are released from the time you open the bag to when it hits the grinder. !

A Big White Monster that will fill your grow room !!

Strain Details:

Type = Feminized
Blend = indica 80% / Sativa 20%
Flower Time = 56 days
YIELD = 550gsm +/- indoor (400-600w)


= High Crystal Production
= Solid BUDS
= Unique TASTE and Flavour

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