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"One of the best OG's around."

A selected Tahoe OG pheno­type chosen for its Vigour, Yield and Chunkier Buds.

Yields for this phenotype are quite large for a kush variety which is making it popular among experienced growers all over the world.

A robust and vigourous plant with a classic xmas tree like structure. With this strain it is very important to flower for the full 10 weeks as it is in the last week that the flower expands giving off the true Flavour, Density and Potency of these flowers.

The buds are Large with an unmistakable scent of spices and sweet liquorice, surrounded by musky, woody and minty notes. Producing a strong head high that many may find too strong for daytime. Sample this fine strain ; The real deal, that is sometimes on top of Coffeshop menu's in Amsterdam.

After 6+ years of preservation, we are proud to present to you our LAKE OG

Great for Indoor and Outdoor growing in Many climatic conditions. This strain prefers a long hot summer, but handles cold days and nights well. (Not recommended for beginner smokers or impatient growers!) Great things can take time

" This lake is Deep ! "

the story; Cannabis Cup #24, 2011, Amsterdam. We were lucky enough to sample quite a bit of the actual bag that only judges were able to buy and it was one of the most powerful and flavoursome buds that we had ever tried. Later we received, from the actual Coffeeshop, the only 2 seeds from this actual batch used for the entry and testing. Freak Bag Seed!

A real gem, sparkling in your garden!

2017 1st Place "Elite CUp 420 edition" Hybrid Category (Elite judges)

2017 2nd Place "Elite CUp 420 edition" Hybrid Category ( Public Judges)

Strain Details:

Type = Feminized
Blend = indica 60% / Sativa 40%
Flower Time = 70 days
YIELD = 450gsm +/- indoor (400-600w)


= Legendary Bag Seed
= Large BUDS
= Heat Resistance
= suitable for INDOOR/OUTDOOR !
= Connoiseur's Choice !

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