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Valley Kush 1.0

Our Award Winning Valley kush 1.0

Dense Nugs, very few leaves with classic flavour. From 2007 California Regular Seed Stock. A Very Strong Kush.. Powerful High. Distinctive Taste..

These Flowers are very solid and compact with aromas and flavors ranging from musky to lemon with hints of spice with the added bonus of a strong cerebral high.

Valley Kush 1.0 is a strong plant with an average height and structure making it suitable for S.O.G. and allowing you to enter more plants inside of the cultivation area. This variety does not stretch a lot in the vegetative period so we suggest longer veg times for plant development before changing the photoperiod to achieve a great result.

We received this strain back in 2010. Our Mother and Father still going strong as building blocks for some interesting crosses as well as the Feminized version now available at select Dealers.
In 2014 Our Phenotype of this strain was showcased by Amsterdam's first ever social club "Tree of Life" as the very first strain provided to the lucky members. Tested prior to the opening night of the Social Club by the Cannabis College Amsterdam with amazing results.

2015 Amsterdam's ELITE CUP. Valley Kush 1.0 wins 2nd place!

A group of Respected industry experts blind taste tested the entries deciding on VALLEY Kush 1.0 as the 2nd place winner for the INDICA section of this fine competition sponsored by Grace Glass, Sensi Seeds and the Cannabis College Amsterdam.

2016 -November is the traditional Cannabis Cup Time in Amsterdam!!

The Valley Kush 1.0 wins prize at the AMSTERDAM UNITY CUP 2016 iNDiCA section!

This private competition was judged by connoiseurs with Judges Pass's visiting many locations in amsterdam to compare entries and ended with a great Judges Only Private event at the MELKWEG Amsterdam! This was exciting as we had attended awards nights for a few Cannibus Cup's at this venue in previous years.

Get a taste of this fine variety that is often featured on the Top of Amsterdam Menu's. See and Taste the Difference Accelerator Seeds can bring to you!

Strain Details:

Type = Feminized
Blend = indica 80% / Sativa 20%
Flower Time = 56 to 63 days
YIELD = 350gsm +/- indoor (400-600w)


= High Crystal Production
= Low EC feeder
= Solid BUDS
= Amazing Flavour

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